ABOUT Fatemeh


I was born in Tehran, Iran. I received my bachelor degree in Arak, Iran. After I married to love of my life (Amin) we moved to Cyprus and I worked on age classification of human faces through their images for my thesis. After receiving my master degree in computer engineering, Amin and I decided to move to the U.S. Now we are here and I finally could pursue my education here at UCSC.  

I love the nature and love to look at it in different view points to learn more from it. I practice to think out of the box and play with ideas in my mind. I started to learn more about meditation. Listening to influential talks is one of my favorites hobby when I feel I need to be on track again.


I am beginner surfer. 

I care about two topics poverty and education!  



Affective Science

Focus on human emotion elicitation. 

2016 - Now

University of California- Santa Cruz

PhD candidate at Computer Science and Engineering

Complex Systems

Learn from how complex systems work in the nature and adapt them in to machine behavior.

Pattern Recognition

Understanding patterns and extract meaningful information.

2009 - 2011

Eastern Mediterranian University

Master Degree in Computer Engineering

2002 - 2006

Arak University

Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering-Software

IoT (Internet of Things)

Better exchanging information between devices to enhance localization

Artificial Intelligence

Empower people to distinguish between opinions and facts, lie and truth, irrational and rational information.